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Radioddity GD-77 M6KZK Radioddity GD-77 M6KZK HOT

Firmware V3.0.6, software V2.05 - Just add your DMR ID and desired Character String

I have marked repeaters that I have tested and used on my recent travels.

  • GB7AS Ashford (Tested)
  • GB7CK Capel (Tested)
  • GB7CF Folkestone (Tested)
  • GB7SE Thurrock (Tested)
  • GB7LO Bromley (Tested)
  • GB7CL Frinton on Sea
  • GB7IK Rochester (Tested)
  • GB7AK Barking (Tested)
  • GB7TH Broadstairs
  • GB7EK Whitstable
  • GB7EX Southend On Sea
  • GB7AL & GB7MK Ipswich
Created 11-02-2018
Changed 19-04-2018
Version M6KZK - 1
Size 128 KB
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Created by Keith Johnson
Changed by Keith Johnson
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