frg logoThe Folkestone Repeater Group is a totally independent non-profit group, we provide FM, Data and Digital repeaters to allow Radio Amateurs to communicate in our area, we now also have a dedicated Network Radio Channel on Zello, you can find out more information here.

If you are interested in becoming a Radio Amateur visit The Dover Radio Club  and view the training page.

Everyone from the group is interested in supporting repeaters in the Folkestone, Hythe, Romney Marsh and Ashford areas, all group members give their time freely and we do not receive any funding from any other body. We have no committee and no formal structure, anyone is free to suggest ideas but overall decisions are down to the respective registered repeater keeper.

Repeater Update - 29 October 2021
A great day today with the FRG repeater project which went very well, we started at 9am and completed around 2pm.
GB3FK - We are aware of the old crunching noises and QRM, we will try and trace and look at this in the coming months. Otherwise, its working very well.
GB7CK - Excellent coverage and great reports.
Please note GB7CF and GB7DX are now off the air, please check you codeplug and re-program GB7CK if required.
Reports welcome from both repeaters.

Below is a list of current publicly accessible dashboards used by the Phoenix network, these dashboards provide a lot of information.

For repeaters on Phoenix K: link opens in new window
For Hotspots: link opens in new window

Pictured below is GB3FK, the groups first repeater which went on air in 2004 and GB7CF in their cabinet.

Repeater Status

If you use any of our repeaters, please consider supporting the Folkestone Repeater Group, click for more information.

GB3FK and GB7CF in cabinet
  • GB7AS - DMR located Ashford - On Air 7/5/16
  • GB7CF - DMR - Closed Down 29/10/21
  • GB7CK - DMR located Folkestone - On Air & relocated on 29/10/21
  • GB7DX - DMR - Closed Down 29/10/21
  • GB3FK - FM / Fusion located Folkestone  - On Air & connected to EchoLink. Relocated on 29/10/21
  • GB7FK - D-STAR located Capel-le-Ferne - On Air
  • GB7RMS - Packet BBS - On Air 8/1/18
  • MB7UF - Folkestone APRS Digi - On Air
  • Marine SDR01 Capel-le-Ferne - Off line